Sunday, January 07, 2007

Google to Take Over Universe

No, really. They aren't happy enough with the U.S., with the World, with the Moon and Mars. No siree. It's sights are now on the whole universe. Look out Janeway, Kirk, and Picard, your territories are about to be invaded and your jobs are about to be downsized due to the supersearch gurus taking over.

What am I rambling on about? How can Google take over the universe? I asked the same thing. And I bet d.b. echo didn't even know this yet (but I'm sure it will be on his blog soon).

According to the A.P.:
"Google has already planted its flag on Earth, the Moon and Mars. The universe could be next. The Internet search company has struck a partnership with scientists building a huge sky-scanning telescope, with hopes of helping the public access digital footage of asteroids, supernovas and distant galaxies...

The 8.4-meter LSST is expected to begin surveying the sky in 2013, from a mountaintop in Chile. Its goal is to continuously scan space, taking a series of 15-second exposures that allow it to cover the sky every three nights.

Officials say the telescope will open "a movie-like window" on nearby asteroids and far-off exploding stars, and help explore the mysterious "dark energy" believed to fuel the universe's expansion.

Google's stature should also bring the project more attention, which could be crucial as the $350 million telescope competes for public and private money."

I figure with Google's new addition, personal telescope sales will drop considerably. Why look out your window when you can look at your computer?

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D.B. Echo said...

"Why look out your window when you can look at your computer?"

I remember someone actually said that to me a few years ago when comet Hale-Bopp was high in the sky, piercing the skyglow of Scranton where I was visiting some friends.

"Look!" I said as we got out of our cars after having had dinner somewhere. "It's Hale-Bopp!"

"I know," he said, not looking up. "Isn't it cool? Come on, there's a website that's showing a live picture. Let's go look at it."

"But..." I sputtered, "It's RIGHT THERE! All you have to do is LOOK UP!"

"Why bother?" he said. "The picture on the computer is much better."