Friday, January 19, 2007

I was reading some things on, and figured I'd grab a few snippets for later reflection.

Industry signals Bush to do more on warming
10 companies join activist groups in calling for caps on
carbon emissions

Major corporations and environmental groups on Friday announced what they
called an "unprecedented alliance" to push for quicker action against global
warming — urging lawmakers to pass mandatory curbs on carbon emissions, in
contrast to President Bush's voluntary approach.

In a statement, the 10 U.S.-based companies and four environmental groups called for mandatory reductions of greenhouse gas emissions, including those from power plants, transportation and buildings.

"There must be a reasoned and serious debate about the solutions," the group stated. "But debate cannot substitute for action. We hope that the consensus we have reached through our unique partnership provides further impetus toward the creation of sensible and effective policies to address global climate change."

Kyoto's results:
Rich nations' emissions were 3.3 percent below 1990 levels in 2004, mainly
due to a collapse of Soviet-era industries. Emissions are now rising in many
countries. In the United States, which is outside Kyoto, emissions were up 16
from 1990

I'll tell ya. Our next president better damn well have an iron fist on our ecology. Wars and religious factions will come and go. That's just human nature. We forget our history and repeat ourselves all the time. But our environment is a one-shot-deal. If we mess it up - there's no second chance. Sure, we can colonize some other planet in biodomes or rely on a Star Trekkish 'artificial life support system' to survive on our own planet, or make an artificial ozone like in Highlander 2 - but that's not solving the problem.

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