Thursday, April 19, 2007

Identify Yourself

Your unwanted callers (namely bill collectors and telemarketers) have found a few new tricks on how to be annoying. They think they're being clever, but really, they're just irritating and a nuisance.

A bill collector called me this morning. It's one that has called before, and the caller has this knack of not identifying themselves in order to speak to my husband (whose name the bill is under). This one in particular keeps calling trying to collect a debt that we've already settled, but they keep thinking we owe them. Every time they call, it's always a woman not wanting to identify where she's calling from, but from experience, we know. I keep teasing my husband that one day, I'll answer the phone, and tell her to "stop sleeping with my husband and never call here again." We laugh about that. This morning, I tested the waters on that one. >:)

Here's how the call went:

Me: Hello?
Her: Hello, is [enter husband's name] there?
Me: May I ask who's calling?
Her: Stacy.
Me: Stacy. Just Stacy?
Her: Yes. May I speak to him?
Me: I'm sorry, I don't know a Stacy.
Her: Probably not, since you're not [husband's name].
Me: (calling to my husband who was right next to me and heard the whole thing) Hunny... your girlfriend, Stacy's on the phone.
Husband: Tell her I don't know a Stacy.
Her: (frantic and enraged) That's a LIE. How can you say that!?
Me: Sorry, he doesn't know who you are.
Me: (

Lesson: If you're going to call and talk business, identify yourself - or you'll be the object of a practical joke.

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