Tuesday, March 20, 2007

GoDaddy - Prince of Thieves

I offer a challenge to anyone reading this. Go to www.godaddy.com and do a search on some random URL. The stranger, the better. In a week, go back and do a search for the same name. My money's on the fact that in that short amount of time, someone mysteriously had the same idea you had, and grabbed the URL. So now, instead of paying the $8 you Could have spent on the initial purchase, you now get to pay $18 for the backorder, wait a year or so, and Hope it releases. Or... you can pay the $60-some dollars (PLUS Commission), and have a third party try to buy it back for you - but there's no guarantees - and you're out a chunk of change.

Whether GoDaddy is directly responsible for this or not, it matters little. Don't do a search at GoDaddy unless you want to buy that URL right then and there. I used to love them. Now I think they're a bunch of thieves. This is not a good business model, GoDaddy!! BAD DADDY! ... or is it "HoDaddy"? meh. Either fits.


D.B. Echo said...

Hey, great news!
We'll see if it's still available next week...

D.B. Echo said...

Two more tries...the first one is, I think, one of George Carlin's "Phrases you'll never hear." These are more semi-random:


Again, we'll check in about a week and see if they're taken.

Domestic Zookeeper said...

UPDATE: I was able to obtain the URL's I wanted - but I had to wait 5 days for them to get cancelled because there was no revenue potential for them (yet). Also, GoDaddy still registered them as TAKEN, but other sites said it was available. So if you're interested in a URL - shop around, but make GoDaddy your last choice.