Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And The Winner Is....

After much debate and deliberation with myself, I left my position at my full time place of employment. I am now a stay-at-home mom.

I have a trip to California for my grandmother's 95th birthday next week, and me and baby will be driving there while hubby works. He'll be flying there and back. This gives baby and me a chance to take all the stuffs we need to take, and be able to bring back stuffs as well. While I am not comfortable with the idea of me and baby alone on the road for two days there and again coming back - it makes the most sense financially and logistically.

It's ironic, that the same day I sent in my letter of resignation to my former employers, another girl there quit because she got a new job elsewhere. It really shook up the company. Not only was it the same day, but at almost the same time. We couldn't have been more than a half hour apart. To some, it probably looked like a conspiracy of two disgruntled employees. It would be an easy leap - since the company has recently been putting on greater demands on the employees without compensation or assistance from additional hires. While the owners are very sweet gentlemen, they got greedy, and are now breaking the company by trying to grow too fast. Oh well. "Whatever will be, will be."

In any case, I have finally had time to complete my major contract's website, and to begin some others. Shortly, I'll be redoing my business's website completely (with a blog of its own, even). It's about 3 years overdue.

Baby's grandfather bought her first dragon! (The package says for ages 5+, and she's only 4 mo. But she can still look at it.) It's a Frost Dragon by Dragonology. Very cute.

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