Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Bad News - More Bad News

Good news seems so rare for me it seems.

Bad News #1 - I'm officially classified as "High Risk". Goodie! What does that mean? Well, it's all because of my blood type, if you can believe that. I'm A- and RH-. It's the RH- that sends the red flag up. They don't know what the baby's blood type is, so if it happens to be RH+, and my blood and her blood somehow mix at any time, well, antibodies start forming to get rid of the 'bad blood'. This is evidently very bad and potentially fatal. Joy. Now, on the chance that the baby is RH- ..... well, then there's no problem. In the meantime, I got a nice little stick in the buttox (hip really, but my dad loves teasing me about getting a 'shot in the butt' whenever I go to any Dr. for any reason). This is supposed to keep the antibodies from forming and to protect me and the baby - and for every pregnancy, I'll have to get another. Yippee.

Bad News #2 - My husband had just purchased the tickets for our trip to California, where his parents were to come down from the Pacific North West, and my family and friends would get together for a baby shower, birthday/anniversary party for my parents, my 94-yr old grandmother could see me, etc. .. even a friend that just back from a long bout in Iraq with the Marines.

The bad news is, my doctor today said I would not be able to fly. (Sorry She Travels!!!!! *insert mega-cry here*) I am supposedly not allowed to fly in my first or third trimester, and the dates our trip was scheduled, I'd be a few weeks into the 'no fly zone' of my third trimester. So my trip to California has just been wadded up into a neat little ball and thrown in the garbage. This is extremely upsetting, and being hormonal does not help matters. I guess now we just see if the airlines are willing to refund the money, or even part of it, or if they can allow us to reschedule for later down the road. As much as I beg my husband, he is not willing to risk us for the trip, and if the Drs say 'no', then no it is. I can't blame him, but I really wanted to go. I was looking forward to one last vacation before she was born. (At least I'll have a baby shower here with co-workers.... though I was looking forward more to the California one. I have little faith that anyone from work will bother to show up on a Saturday they could be doing other things on.)

Oh, and to top it off, I'm anemic! So the already hefty dose of iron they gave me, I now have to double!

Status of little Savannah - She's gonna be a big girl. She's measuring in the belly about a couple-few weeks older than she is (by the almighty tape measure), and her heartbeat is good and within normal range. The ultrasound says that her due date is Dec. 3, but they won't change it on the paper unless it had been more than 2 weeks off. So the due date of Savannah is still a crap shoot. I'm still saying sometime in early December. Tahell with dates anymore. She'll get here when she's darn good and ready!


D.B. Echo said...

Drat, damn and blast.

The fine print on most "non-refundable" airline tickets usually has a medical escape clause. Check it out. You'll need documentation, of course.

Didn't know about your blood type. I'm A+, and donate every eight weeks, more or less. (I took a few months off after my Ireland trip due to prolonged post-travel sickness, which is not unusual for me.) So there's no chance you'll ever have a few units of Harold's Finest flowing through your veins, even if you weren't halfway across the country!

Good luck with the antibodies thing. I think the fact you've both made it so far is a very positive sign.

Domestic Zookeeper said...

There's little risk for me and the baby as long as my blood and her blood don't mix. That's most likely to happen during birth. As for donating blood types... my hubby is O+, so he can donate to everyone! I can't donate because I'm anemic. But I've known that for well over a decade now.

And the tickets? Well, my husband spent all night last night with Continental trying to get a refund. From what I hear, the only way to get it back, is for me to get a Drs note (sounds like school) and purchase the ticket insurance within 10 days of ticket purchase. And then... maybe.

They want us to keep the tickets, and just use them within a year. (Like I'm inclined to fly with an infant!)

Domestic Zookeeper said...

Update: My parents are wondering how I came up with A-, since my mother is A+ and my dad is O+. Hmm

she travels said...

"They want us to keep the tickets, and just use them within a year. (Like I'm inclined to fly with an infant!) "

Okay, please do me a favor if you do fly with this infant. Feed her, changes her and don't overdress her. I just spent 11 hours on a plane with one child who was not fed, changed and definitely overdressed who decided he was going to scream the entire flight. So much for the sleep. Once she gave him a bottle he shut up. Since they didn't have phones on the plane, I couldn't call CPS on her......

Sorry about the trip. It will happen. And there is hopefully an online shower in the works. Need to work with your hubby on this one. :)