Saturday, September 30, 2006

Pregnancy Jibber Jabber

I admit it. I've had a pretty easy pregnancy - when speaking about the pregnancy itself and not all the silly drama that surrounds it (doctors, bills, etc.).

The little one has been fairly mellow. I only hope she's this mellow when she's outside! She hasn't given me too much grief (yet). She wiggles and stretches, but doesn't kick or punch too aggressively or too much. Only a couple times has she struck a nerve hard enough for me to be bothered - but mostly just her wiggling around and watching my belly move in unnatural ways is enough to disturb me and creep me out. (My husband keeps teasing me with the final scene of SpaceBalls where the critter jumps out of the guys chest and starts singing "Hello my honey, Hello my darlin..." - and that usually gets him a sore arm for a few hours.)

She wakes up and gets all excited after I eat. Usually about 5-15 minutes after I eat is when she gets active. There's a few random times throughout the day she wakes up as well.

My belly button still hasn't "popped" yet. So I guess she's not done baking yet. Every time I see a mention in a book about the belly button popping out, I keep thinking of a turkey timer. It is, however, getting pretty flat and stretched out. There's just a little hood now stretched out over the shallow crater in my belly. That's about it.

I haven't really gotten any stretch marks either, though I probably will in the next month or so.

The worst thing I've suffered so far, is sore hips. Mostly the legs where they meet the hips. I've been trying to walk it off lately, and it seems to be helping, but there are days when it's hard to sit up, much less stand up, roll over, walk, or anything of the sort that requires those muscles to move.

Sleeping gets interesting as well. I can't lay on my back, or she squishes my innards. I can lay on my stomach, or I squish her and my innards. I seem to not be able to lay on my right side anymore without getting up 5 times a night to use the restroom. That leaves me with my left side. Even then, my big belly can't lean on anything, because it doesn't feel very nice if there's any pressure on it, so I've got pillows propped up under my upper body for weight displacement. Sometimes a pillow goes between my knees to help with my hurting legs. It helps a little. My husband can't put his arm around me very easily, because everywhere he puts it, usually makes my belly ache, or the baby kicks me to tell him to get off (again - she has space issues), and once I'm in bed and situated (which takes about a minute to flop in the right position), I'm not very inclined to move a muscle.

Last night was the worst. I was dead tired from not getting enough sleep two nights prior, and my husband couldn't sleep. So I lay there, with the light on, he's reading a book, and I can't get to sleep. The bed was very uncomfortable, and for some reason, the upstairs felt incredibly warm - but not just for me, so I don't think it was baby's heat making me warm. I actually went downstairs and slept on the couch.

Normally, the couch is the most uncomfortable place for me to sleep, but last night, it was like cloud nine. I had lots of huge, oversized, firm pillows to prop up against, and it was insta-sleep! It was probably a good move on my part, because I found out that he was still up another 2 hours from when I left to go downstairs.

The cravings have been interesting. First it was breads and pastas (or anything with a carb or statch in it), then it was baked potatoes. Next it was fruits and vegetables, then it was a short round with nuts, fish and chicken. The latest has been beef - and that's when I figured it out. She's trying out the menu - one food group at a time. Thankfully, she hasn't had me eating any strange combinations, like ice cream and pickles. Eh-yuch!

Anyways, time to get back to work (yes, on a Saturday). Sorry I don't update this more often, but it's rough when you come home and all you want to do is rest, eat, go to bed. Oh well. Ya'll love me and ya'll shall get over it. Pththth.



she travels said...

Is it December yet? :)

I went baby shopping yesterday. :)

Domestic Zookeeper said...

Are you having yours now that your big trip is over? :)

I want to go baby shopping for yours too.

(2 can play this game) hee hee