Friday, September 15, 2006

The Name Game

Ok. So I bet everyone's on pins and needles wondering... what are they going to name this little spawnling?

We hadn't really made a firm decision until the gender was determined. Once that happened, it somehow made the choice much easier.

We had tossed around several girl names (probably a dozen or so in total). Some were whimsical, others traditional, and others that were somewhat common - but spelled differently. In the end, the winner was:

Savannah Lee

It's a pretty name, with lots of opportunities. If she wants, she could go by Anna, Anne, Savvy, or even Vannah if that's what floats her boat. I never had so many options with my name.

How did we come across this name? Well, I have two bosses - both from South Africa. The sister of one of them had come out from S. Africa to visit her brother. I had designed a web site for her earlier last year, and so while she was here, we sat for a bit and went over her site to give it a little fresher look. As we were talking, the topic of names came up, and whether we had any picked out. I informed her that we had mostly settled on a boy's name, but still had too many options for the girl's. She has three kids of her own, but she said she still always liked the name Savannah, and that we should name our girl that. I perked up to that notion, and figured we could add it to the list.

I went home that day, and pitched the idea to my husband. He instantly liked it, and sure enough, it ended up on the dry erase board hanging in the kitchen that housed all the other name combinations. We kept looking at that one, Samantha, and a couple others. (Yes, deva. Samantha was definately in the running!)

Then came the task of a middle name. We considered our grandparents' names, then our parents' names, as well as some of the other names we had on the board. My husband liked how Lee sounded - his mother's middle name, so that's what we went with. I love names that start with L, A, and S for some reason, so Lee it was. And it goes well with our last name. So about 2 days after finding out that we're having a little girl, we decided the name. (Actually, my husband made an 'executive decision' by circling Savannah Lee, and crossing out the others. I had no objections.)

Everyone so far has loved the name. It's unusual enough, but not too strange. It's long and pretty, with the option to be more short and playful. It can be nicknamed to be more creative, or common. It will all depend on her, and what type of personality she'll develop, and what she ultimately wants.

So with that said - we wait for the next round of excitement. The baby showers! After that.... the Due Date! *shuddertwitch* Yes... that day still intimidates me - but I am trying to refuse to let it get the best of me. Denial is bliss? =D


D.B. Echo said...

That's a great name!

When IS the due date?

Did I tell you that Paul B. and his wife had a baby boy three weeks ago?

Domestic Zookeeper said...

Due date is (at the latest count) December 17th, 2006.

And to answer your second question, you did tell me they were going to have a baby, but I hadn't heard the results. Give my congrats to them! :)

Deva said...

Love the name even though the deva name was ruthlessly shoved aside and tossed callously away.

Bah humbugs!

Roll on december when the spawnling shall make its way unto the world and all shall fear ... well except me of course heehee

luff yas!

D.B. Echo said...

Oooh, baby's first T-shirt..."ALL SHALL LOVE ME AND DESPAIR!!!"