Thursday, October 19, 2006

Taking Bets...

The polls are open.
When do YOU think little Savannah will arrive?

I was at the doctor's on Tuesday, and I seem to be consistantly measuring about 5cm larger on the belly than I should for Savannah's age. My husband and mother-in-law seem to think it's going to be a November baby, but the doctors still seem to say middle December. So, I ask you, my audience, my friends...
What do You think?

*blink blink*

On a side note: I also noticed that people either don't like to use Registries, or they don't like ordering online. I've sent my Registry to lots of people, and not a single thing has been purchased. I do however, get lots of oddball stuff from other places.

Tips for people wanting to spend money on Savannah...

1) I am up to my eyeballs in blankets. I have some from my own babyhood, some my grandmother has made for Savannah, some my mother mailed me because they were soft and cuddly and she couldn't resist... and I'm sure I'll see more before the end. Folks... we live in Texas. It's perma-hot-and-humid here. Blankets are far from a neccessity.

2) The registry is made of things I need (OK - there's a couple one or two frivilous (sp) items on there that I probably don't 'need'... but the majority of it are essentials - bottles, bibs, etc.). Toys blankets and clothes are great and always welcome, but they are a dime-a-dozen, and she'll outgrow the clothes in no time.

So if you want to go on spontaneous shopping sprees, or you don't like shopping online, at least take a look at my registry at (Friends know my first name and that I'm in Texas. I should be the only one that comes up) and get an idea of what I still need, first. The neat thing about OneStepAhead, is that they are geared towards safety and development first - not so much the gadgets and gimmiks that other larger retail baby stores capitalize on.

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she travels said...

December 1st.

And the shopping spree has already started. My cousin Heather helped me shop while she was here. Mother of two kids - so she had all the tips!