Friday, October 27, 2006

Shower Date

A co-worker wants to throw a baby shower for me here. It was originally going to be on the 4th of November, but another co-worker beat us to the punch and is having her daughter's 10th B-day party on that day and she invited the whole office. So.... the shower got rescheduled. It looks like it's going to be Sunday, November 12th. Not sure about the time or place yet, but I should hear more later.

Update: I have a car seat now! Yay!

On the 2nd is my (last) ultrasound appt. Super Uber technology, they say. The very latest machinery straight from California! (heh... California....)

I also go on a field trip to see where Savannah's going to be hatched on the 7th. Their gas bill and they're driving - so... weeeee!

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she travels said...

I've been shopping again......

Just a warning.

So, would the middle of January be a nice time to say, come for a visit? I might have to knock a couple of birds out with one stone (ie, catch a hockey game while I'm there....) and see the kiddo.