Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We got a Toofer

We got ourselves a two-fer.... I mean toofer... I mean...er... oh hell, we have tooth number 2! hee hee. She's getting more accepting of the pains in her mouth -but every so oft, she has a really bad moment and it's screaming to high heaven. Which is totally out of character for her.

She's now nibbling on Del Monte (2) foods. I mix a little of the strained foods in with her oatmeal or rice cereal for flavor. I mean, really... would you want to eat rice cakes and tofu for every meal of every day? Even babies need some flava! Besides, I figure it will help against picky eating. Not that I think that will be a problem in the slightest. With exception of bananas (which she will eat, but more ends up on her chin than in her mouth), she pretty much inhales anything you put in front of her.

I also got a huge bag of frozen fruit pieces from Sam's Club a while back. Not only is it good for blending into a Vanilla SlimFast shake, but it also fits real nice into those little mesh chewing contraptions for babies. The frozen fruit feels good on sore gums, tastes good, has Vitamin C and stuff, and because it's in the mesh, she can't choke on it. It's fun to play with, to boot! So far her favorites (and the only things I've given her yet) is frozen peaches and frozen bits of honeydew.

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