Thursday, November 09, 2006

Due Date - Fast Forward

Good bye December! Hello November!

Not just November...but November 19th is the latest official date by my doctor. That's right. Next Sunday. Taking donations now for the hospital bill that we were budgeting to pay in Dec. *cheeky grin*

Seriously though.... ahh. down baby! gooood baby. Sorry, she was poking me in the hip bone. Not the most pleasant sensation - but I suppose it's better than the ribs that everyone else gets a foot into.

For those that may be curious about what I have or what I need, here's the highlights.

(All listed items are on registries)
Make of this list what you will. Do with it as you wish. But here is what I have and don't have.
The pricier items I'm still lacking:

  • changing table
  • crib set (sheets, etc.... I have one on each registry. I have no preference to which. The one I get, I'll remove the other from the list.)
  • crib mattress
  • breast pump (I know... such classy and elegant items)

Smaller - less pricey items I'm lacking:

  • diaper bag
  • diaper pail
  • sterilizer
  • hamper (I see someone bought it off the registry! *many thanks!*

Otherwise, anything on either of the registries. Or even a general conglomerate - diapers, bottles, nursing pads, etc. I'm really quite easy-going. (My first/last name - Katy, TX) (same)

I already have: (and may not be on the registries)

  • a car seat
  • crib (no mattress or sheets yet)
  • stroller
  • baby monitors
  • bouncer
  • glider/ottoman
  • a couple baby clothes sets (though I'm expecting a layette from the center I visit - which I already know will have a few sets of clothes and blankets and various knick-knacks all put in a wash tub)
  • a couple bottles
  • a couple quilts
  • a porta-crib from my ma-in-law.
  • a co-sleeper
  • an infant support for car seat

So I have most of the bigger necessity items.


she travels said...

Look for some boxes - they're heading your way chica!!
I have a lot to send so it may come in shifts.

Domestic Zookeeper said...

No worries, lady. You know I luvyas enough to wait. =)