Friday, November 03, 2006

Friend's Hatching

So last night, after my trip to the hospital for my ultrasound, my husband and I hooked up with my preggo friend and her best friend/birthing coach. We hit the mall and drooled and gaggled and debated over baby items and colors.

The whole time though, my friend wasn't doing so well. She was acting very out of character. She's a tiny frame (only about 95 lbs. pre-pregnancy, 5'5", and only put on only 15 lbs. for the pregnancy, while her boy is weighing in at 6 lbs. and change). She's never really done the waddling scene. Sure a couple times, but not seriously. In fact, to look at her from any angle, you would never know she was almost 9 mo. pregnant. From the back she didn't look pregnant at all!

But last night, she was walking with her legs spread apart and barely bending at the knee. She complained much about her lower back hurting (which rarely ever gave her issues due to her size), and had mentioned she had lost her mucous plug earlier that day (that's sort of the early timer alert that there's much more to come and fairly soon!), and she complained that she felt like she had to go to the girl's room constantly.

The three of us knew - or at least suspected - but, she was stubborn, and said he was just stretching inside and she was tired and just needed some sleep. So, we went to TGI Fridays for some drinks and snacks (at 10pm). Just sitting there, you could tell she was not faring well. Laughing was starting to become a traumatic event for her. We were all concerned, because we knew she was stubborn, but continued to let her have her way.

So we left Friday's and headed out to the car. It was most telling when my husband had to let her lean on him from the table to the car. She couldn't walk well on her own without help. That's when the 3 of us ganged up on her and told her to go to the hospital. At least to be looked at.

She defiantly and stubbornly said she just needed sleep. Finally, my husband talked her into at least calling the hospital, if not visiting. She agreed to that.

She called us later that night to say she didn't call the hospital, she just went - and they were prepping a room for her. We didn't hear anything after that.

This morning, she called us. She was in labor! They sent her home to go through some of the early labor in more comfort, but this morning, she was back in, and now she's going through the rough part - and so far - all natural. (As opposed to the inducing they were going to do this Wednesday!) She should have her boy delivered by noon today.

So, since I have this whole weekend off (for a change)... I'll be helping her out as much as I can this weekend.

I called her house at about 4pm. (man, my timing is eerie). Her water had broken 5 min. prior. It's actually a good thing I called!! They hadn't packed her car seat, and the rest of the family was heading down there. I had caught them just as they were heading out the door. Trick is, hospital won't let her leave without a car seat! The family didn't realize that. They thought she could just carry her baby home. Unfortunately - it's the law. So I'm happy I could be of some help, even being a half hour away!

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