Tuesday, August 01, 2006

About Being Five Months Pregnant

Well, I figured I'd write less about the woes of quacks and moneygrubbers, and actually spend a little time with the lil'un.

The little one has definitely begun to tell me it's there. It wriggles around, pokes, prods, kicks. Not all the time, but at short intervals during the day. I can go a few hours without feeling it. What does it feel like? Strangely, the best description I can give that everyone can recognize quickly, is it feels like really strong gas rumbling in the wrong places. Last month, it just felt like mild indigestion in the wrong place - a gentle, uncomfortable feeling, but not bad. Now days, it sometimes tickles because it's moving so much.

I was sitting with my boss the other day, going over some prototypes for potential webpage redesigns, and I started giggling. He looked at me a little strange, then looked at my monitor - studied it, actually - trying to figure out what I was seeing that was making me giggle so much. It was nothing on the monitor, it was the lil'un rolling around. Lil'un likes to wake up after I've eaten and when my hubby plays loud music. (See post above - baby likes this song as much as momma and pops do.)

I'm not as tired as I was for the first 4 months. I still have my moments, but they're not nearly as bad. (Smokie is saying 'Hi' to you as I'm writing this, by the way.) The insides of my legs, near my hips, are sore with every step, as is my lower stomach muscles. It's all the new weight being accounted for, and it feels like I ran miles the day before. I should exercise more, but finances and doctors, puppies, cats, laundry, cooking, dishes, unpacking, working, SLEEPING, and eating, oh... and now Blogging... have taken up most of my free time. The leftover free time I do have, I spend with my husband (who I have to rub all the time because his work is so strenuous on his back and muscles), curled up on the couch watching DVD's of Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, or watching DVR recordings of Dead Like Me, Eureka, or Fallen (which I can't wait for them to actually make that a series!) Of course, rubbing my husband while pregnant puts me to sleep faster than a double-dose of Ny-Quil.

Yes, I'm visiting the bathroom several times a day now. And by several, I mean... Several! I'm trudging in there about every 1-2 hours, if I'm lucky.

I can't eat large meals now. Not enough room for baby, bladder, and food. But, I nibble all day long. I always have an emergency stash of some snack, somewhere on my person, whether it's a banana, a cup of applesauce, an apple, a nutri-grain bar, a packet of oatmeal, a cup of pudding, a slice of pizza, all of the above.... (with exception to the pizza, it's usually all of the above). I don't drink sodas or coffee anymore. It's water, juice and milk. Sure, I get strange cravings - mostly for milk, baked potatoes or something starchy, peas, ice cream. Basically my cravings have been 90% healthy foods, which I'm thankful for. Candy bars, fried foods, and the like, just haven't really appealed to me, for the most part.

Anyways... just for laughs, here's a random thought. Check out this AllDumb entry. Regimental Kilt

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