Sunday, August 06, 2006

Freebies Gallore

I was 'wowed' yesterday by a co-worker. I hardly know her, really. Just the occasional 'hi' and 'how ya doin?' and idle small talk that co-workers do. Friendly girl, early 20's with 2 kids. Well, she IM'd me yesterday at work and said: "Do you need a crib? My youngest is turning 2 years old, and so I'm going to buy him a 'big boy's bed, so you can have a crib if you want it."


So now I have a crib lined up with my name on it. I haven't seen it yet, nor do I know the condition it's in... but still, how bad can it be that a little cleaning can't fix? Besides, it's free.

It's amazing, really. You can be in financial trouble up to your eyeballs (and then some), have every disaster happen to you, and no one will help. Get yourself pregnant, and whether you have money or not, the world can't give you enough baby stuff. Not that I'm complaining in any way, shape, or form. Believe me. I'm more grateful than words could ever possibly express! It's just a strange concept, none-the-less.

So, yeah. In about a month or so, I'll probably create a baby gift registry for my friends to puruse through. It should be enough time for people to figure out if/what they want to get, and by then, I should have a sex determined.

One site that my husband has been drooling over, and myself as well: That's probably where we'll register.

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