Monday, August 14, 2006

Keeping Busy

It's almost five in the morning. Way too early for my funky butt to be up. But... the puppies wanted to go potty. And since we're trying to make them somewhat housetrained, that involves the sacrifice of one of us getting up to let them outside whenever they need to.

So, to keep myself entertained while they're doing their doo, I'm typing here. Of course, I was actually awake before the puppies started to whine.

I woke up this morning, probably around 4:30am with half a stuffy nose and a little soreness in the throat. I'm really hoping it's just from all the work we did yesterday, cleaning out the garage, the fresh air, the running around town, and moving dusty things about that has me reacting this way. The alternative, is that I caught the same really nasty cold as my husband and 3 co-workers have had. This would be bad, as they all had meds that didn't even really help, and they were all quite miserable. Try being pregnant with a severe cold. Us preggos can't take the same meds most can, so I get to suffer even more. Oh the glee!

So, I'm hoping it's just the dust and fresh air. We'll see how I am later today, and tomorrow. I have Wednesday off, so if I need to, I suppose I can make a run to our local Dr. in town and see if he can help at all.

Well, puppies want back in. Later ya'll.

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