Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Unwanted Suprises

As I was coming home from work yesterday, I stopped at our little rinky-dink community mailbox (I detest those things) to find only one envelope inside, and addressed to me.

What could be inside? Of course! Another bill. But this was no bill we were expecting. This was another unwanted suprise from the quackerbox doctor I visited nearly a month ago. Evidently, the almost $300 I paid in his office that day, didn't include the gyno lab work. They had no problems telling me I owed money on the urine and blood work, which I grudgingly accepted.

So - on top of the $300 to the doctor, another $440 for the blood work, now another $160 for the gyno. Yeah. There was some yelling involved with certain billing departments. This suprise bill came out of nowhere. We were never told this would be incurred. It was never itemized, illuded to, hinted at, or even suggested. I was under the impression that the $300 was for the doctor and the tests that he was going to do. I mean, common... $300 is more than excessive for some fat guy to look in your cooter and wipe a cotton swab back and forth, stick it in a jar and send it to New Jersey (of all places!!). He wasn't that good. Wasn't even pleasant to look at. He had the face of a flounder and the personality of a rock (and not those cool Pet Rocks from the 70's either. I'm talking run-of-the-mill rock not even suitable for concrete). And here we get a bill three weeks after we switched doctors. Can we say Grudge Charge? I'm paying nearly $1,000 for a 1-hr visit from hell, when I could have as easily gone to the local yokel and spent maybe $100 total for him to look me up and down and say I'm good to go. I mean, what's next? A bill for $50 for the stupid paper robe they made me change into? Or another $75 for the paper on the table they rolled down for me to sit on? They want another $160, fine. We'll pay it - Every month... about $10 worth.

His billing woman kinda tried to be human (but only kinda), but the other chick that worked there was about as clueless as Anna Nicole Smith. Hell, I had to call them five times to get my results, and even then, the answer I got was rather wishy-washy. What kind of doctor's office says: "well, we would have called you if there was anything wrong"?

Rapists. That's what they are. Nickle and diming to death.

In about an hour though, I'll be heading to UTMB and get this started with them. At least they tell you up front what the final charge is, when it's due, and no suprises. Ok, I may have to pay for Rx's, but I expect that anyways.

In any case, I'll let you know how it goes today.

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