Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Charity of Strangers

Or is that the Charity of Strange People? lol. Either way, this morning went fairly well for only working on about 4-5 hours of sleep.

My husband is on a first-name basis with everyone at our bank. It's his magnetic, social personality and very distinguisable looks that get everyone's attention. heh.

In any case, I took him to the airport at way-to-friggin-early this morning so he could have a vacation from my maternal moodiness and also help out a friend of ours who's in a little bit of a rough spot. That left me to go deal with depositing checks at the bank and such on my way to work. (Working Saturdays aren't bad when you can have a random day off in the middle of the week. Works well for Dr.'s appt.s and such.) So in the list of instructions for things to do this morning, my husband mentioned that one of the girls at the bank had some maternity clothes she wanted to give me. Just look for the nice black lady, about my frame (not pregnant), and she'd hook me up!

Sure enough, I walk in there, and she was easy to spot. As I get up to the counter, my cell phone rings. It's my husband telling me he landed safely. As I was talking to her, the woman behind the counter looked at me, and seemed to know who I was instantly. Not bad, considering I think I've seen her in passing maybe twice. She was already on her way out the door before I could get off the phone long enough to say 'Hi' to her.

Out to her mini-van we went, completely decked out with "Baby On Board" signs. She pulled out a couple bags of clothes she had just freshly dug out of her closet and washed up and folded for me. I almost started crying. Not that it's hard these days. Hell, I'll cry if you look at me funny.

This pregnancy-thing has really turned me into such the wimpy girly-girl. *grrrrr*

I asked her if she wanted me to return them when I was done with them (since a co-worker of mine told me how upset she was that the clothes she lent to someone else never returned them to her!). When she got done giggling at me, she said "no, I can't have any more babies, no need to have them back. You just keep them."

Ok. She got a big hug.

Then I got lost on my way to work, trying to take a different route. It's just one of those days.


Deva said...

Dear gods am I the only one that bothers posting replies on this thing?

Anywho ... any time you feel you need a vacation from the insanity that is Texas know that there is always a spare room here just waiting ... we deva's must try to reconvert the demons that are trying to spawn here on earth ((grins))

yo4rker said...

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