Thursday, July 20, 2006

Oh how they do tease

So I called the people that sent me the enrollment forms. Evidently, they're pre-emptive forms. If I get accepted by Medicaid, then I am already enrolled and it's active almost immediately. If I'm denied Medicaid, then I don't receive any of their benefits.

So I called the Medicaid office once again (now that I have a voice I can get a hold of). She sent the paperwork today, but she can't remember if she approved me or denied me. She thinks she denied me because I make 'too much' - but she couldn't look up my information.

So my stress level went from very high, to none, to very high again.

Great health care = Stress the mother-to-be. Heck, it works for me. (enter sarcasme here)

1 comment:

Deva said...

Ahh the joys of the American Health system ... oh lack of it.

You know you could always send hubby down there with a couple of his guns and well ... persuade them to help you out :o)

Ok so you may have to lose him for a coupel years but it might be worth it heehee

Luvs ya demon and co