Sunday, July 23, 2006

Zoo Inhabitants

Here's some pictures of the puppies and our two adopted kitties.

To the left is Emian and Sorina. Emian on the left, Sorina on the right. It's almost hard to believe they're sisters sometimes. Sorina looks more and more boxer as she gets older, while Emian looks more and more.... something else.... probably pointer?

Oh, and by the way, this was the bed before they destroyed it. It's foam with a washable lining. It's the foam they have made into bite-sized tidbits.

Here's another shot of them, in one of their rare, quiet modes.

Oh! How I do love these times. They're so cute and innocent-looking, but really, they're evil. Evil I say! Actually, come to think about it, with the exception of Mikey (shown below) and the snakes, they're all evil to some degree. I guess that's what they get for living in a house with the 'demon.' heh. (inside joke for deva)

Here is the puke-meister, Mike. Lately, it's been food-based. The vet said there's a problem with his pancreas. Usually, though, it's just hairballs. He is the reigning hairball champion in the Zoo. He's also got the most, and densest fur of them all. But, he's also the most loveable, most content, and most concerned cat here. He's also the great Protector of Books in the house. Lay a book on the floor (even a notepad) and he will lay on it and keep it safe until you need it back.

As you can see from the picture, Mikey's not too comfortable here. He actually climbed it on his own, which I've never seen him do before. Don't worry, it didn't last long. It's Smokie's perch, and she's very defensive of it. She recovered her position in short order.

He got a lot of attention when he first moved in. Mostly, because of his delicate state. He's old, with pre-existing heart conditions, and a little skiddish. So we pampered him. This came to the great dismay of Meph, who was previously the king cat. The two are now on tollerable levels at times, but Meph still has an undying hatred for Mike, and Mike, well, he's been picked on by Meph enough, that he just doesn't tollerate it anymore.

Mikey is, however, like the big uncle everyone loves when it comes to Smokie (shown to the left). She is the prissbutt of the Zoo. She gets her way with all the cats.

Luckily, she's outgrown her favorite pasttime of chewing power cords. We won't go into just how much money she chewed through, but lets say that some of the casualties included a curling iron, a stereo receiver, a mouse cord, some cat-5 cable, some Christmas lights (though, in her defense, that may have been one of the other cats), and several other cords here and there.

Her favorite thing to do is chase Meph up and down the stairs. It sounds like a herd of elephants when they start their aerobics. Sometimes, they even run their marathons in the middle of the night!

See the fluffy tail? She uses that like Marilyn Monroe would use a feather boa. She wraps it around the necks of both Meph and Mikey as she brushes against them. Of course, as many times, she'll be found wrestling with them like a common street-brawler. Delicateness is a fickle thing with her.


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