Friday, July 28, 2006

Baby's First Quilt

She Travels should appreciate this little gem of a post - since she's all arts-n-craftsy these days. :)

My grandmother makes quilts for the family for all sorts of major events. So when she heard I was pregnant, she got her threads and needles poised for action. OK, in truth, she had already made it. What can I say? She's psychic? (but that's another story....)

Anyways, here's some snapshots of the babe's first Gramma quilt.... correction... Great Gramma quilt. (Sorry if these images are scattered, Blogger is not being nice to me, and I have to go to work. I'll straighten them out and add some more later today.)

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she travels said...

Yeah, well just wait until I get working on that scrapbook!!!