Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hey Look! A Uterus!

Sorry about the title of this one... I just couldn't help it. Funny story.... really! And you know it wouldn't be a blog entry, without a story to go with it....

See, a friend of my husband's from way back, who is still in the Marine Corp, called us from Iraq the other day to congratulate us on the pregnancy. My husband had sent out a mass email to all our friends and family, and included, was my ultrasound picture. So while my husband was talking to his 'Iraqi friend' (no, he's quite Caucasian, not Iraqi at all) about the email - my husband blurts out: "Yeah, I think everyone's seen my wife's uterus now."

..... I just stared at him and blinked .... then blinked some more .....

What can I say? My husband can make me speechless. (Whether for good or bad, I'm still trying to figure out.)

So anyways... here's a picture of 'my uterus', and the first look at our little bundle of future terrors. Enjoy. =)

~Behold! The alien!~

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Deva said...

The spawn of demon doth grow well and with the malevolence of its demon mother tis sure to be one of great power. lol

Actually I am thinking more along the lines of the capacity of the lungs for crying purposes ... I mean judging by the way both you and hubbybubby can gab the baby is going to have a huge set of ... lungs ... yeah that was it lungs so I wish you all the best and maybe you should invest in some sound proofing ... I mean you don't want all the neighbours to know what has been spawned until its too late :o)

Luving you guys always